Big E Premium Produce

Safety & Quality

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

Food safety requires an ongoing commitment to constant vigilance and strict standards.

Big E follows the highest standards from planting to delivery. Strict quality control, adherence to industry standards and frequent audits let our customers rely on the safety and quality of our vegetables.

12,000 square feet of coolers maintain a constant temperature throughout the handling process. We empty them nightly, making sure that only the freshest, unblemished vegetables leave our plant. All produce can be traced from field to you, and our workers are educated in the importance of cleanliness and the cold chain.

At Big E we know how important it is to protect both consumers and our fields from pathogens and diseases. We are dedicated to employee hygiene and facility sanitation. Big E has an unbeatable record of safety and quality.

Big E is a certified member of California Leafy Green Products Handler Agreement (LGMA). LGMA promotes food safety processes developed by scientists, food safety experts and farmers, shippers and processors. The California Department of Food and Agriculture conducts audits to ensure that members live up to LGMA standards. This unique system has become a model for growers in other states. Canada and Mexico require the Service Mark of the LGMA to be displayed on all leafy green products imported from California. To read more about how LGMA is protecting public health by reducing potential sources of contamination in California-grown greens, go to

All vegetables shipped by Big E are of the highest quality, grown under the strictest food safety standards, and harvested and packed by well trained workers who understand the importance of their work.