Big E Premium Produce

Our Story

Big E delivers reliability, quality, and value.

In 1982 Jesse Espinoza began buying fields of produce from local farmers. He would fill his pickup truck in the evenings and drive to Los Angeles to sell to packaged salad companies, returning to work each morning before 6:00am.  He began planting one, then two fields on his own.  With time and hard work, those fields turned into four, then five until he reached his present production.

Plowing his profits back into his growing business, Jesse invested in equipment, always working to improve his efficiency and the quality of his produce.  He brought his sons and grandsons into the business as it grew, and invented processes and equipment to increase his quality and consistency. Striving for quicker, more efficient delivery, he invested in semi trucks and flatbed trailers, then bought and built coolers for more control over the chain of cold.

At Big E we do all of our own heavy work; rip, plow, disc, and listing.   We also plant, irrigate (using furrow irrigation, sprinklers, and drip depending on the conditions), cultivate, and harvest. Produce is immediately pre-cooled at one of our two facilities in one of our stainless steel vacuum tubes, and then transferred to be shipped from our docks. This control and oversight of the whole process is an important part of why Big E can guarantee the freshness of everything we ship.

Jesse Espinoza developed the culture of innovation and quality control that is the hallmark of Big E. Today,  Jesses son, Jose, and grandsons carry on that tradition. Over the past 3 decades Jesse and his family have built Big E into a thriving business with a reputation for speed, quality and freshness.