Big E Premium Produce

Our Safety Practices

Food safety concerns have always been a top priority at Big E Produce. That's why we have a comprehensive program in place, from growing, to packing, to processing, to shipping.

Our duty as a food supplier is to ensure our customers that Big E products are always safe, wholesome and of the highest quality.

We attribute much of our successful food safety program to our employees. They are all aware of food safety issues and therefore conduct themselves and their work ethic with this in mind. Whether it's a tractor driver in the field, a worker in the cooling facility or a line person in the processing facility, everyone at Big E has great pride in keeping our products food safe.

Field Level Food Safety Program

Along with a comprehensive food safety program on Big E facilities, the same scrutiny is applied at the field level. Big E has a detailed training program to educate all personnel on food safety policies. Training is done by crew foremen and food safety management to ensure a complete understanding of our programs. Daily inspections of the harvest crews and equipment are conducted to ensure the quality of work completed meets Big E standards. Routine inspections are performed to ensure that all food safety, personnel hygiene, and sanitation policies are followed.

The Leafy Green Marketing Agreement was an industry-wide response to the E. Coli outbreak in Salinas, CA, in 2006. The marketing agreement was developed by the industry itself and approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), as a means of voluntarily self-regulating safety practices for leafy greens grown in California.

An unprecedented commitment to food safety, the agreement enforces mandatory safety standards which are audited by government inspectors. Handlers agree to the certification of safe handling, shipment and sale of leafy green products to consumers.